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A new way to do your mobile marketing


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IceCube tech’s solution ( has been renamed to is a
powerful and flexible connection gateway and local offer sharing platform. It
allows business to share its connections with QR Codes or NFC Tags through a
mobile friendly chalkboard style web page. It allows business to change its
connections and special offers anytime, anywhere, anyplace from any device.
It’s mobile marketing made easy.

We also aim to use to build a high quality local offer community
through gamification and crowdsourcing. Users can gain points, and can use these
points for community upgrade, asking questions or play simple game for some special

We are a well funded company run by team of highly motivated people. We use Amazon’s
Cloud computing services to run our software, which allows us to be flexible in our
deployment and enables us to grow organically.

You can set up a chalkboard, upload offers and download a QR Code for free.
Yep, FREE.