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cloud engineering
Our people
IceCube tech is run by a group of highly experienced techies who maintain the project on a daily basis. We try and make sure that it’s as reliable and well maintained as possible ! It is powered by our expertise in cloud technology, computer networks, web design and data analytics.

It started with a simple thought. Why should we have so many leaflets and flyers coming through the letter box that ultimately end up in the bin? Isn’t there a better, cheaper and cleaner way for businesses to advertise their offers? So over a coffee, a tea and a pint or two the group got together and decided to build a platform that could be the solution. And so the story began. It’s designed to help business use QR Codes and NFC Tags by allowing them to share multiple connections(Twitter, Facebook, etc) , chalkboard information, flyers, coupon etc quickly and easily, attracting local customers to local businesses.