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key advantages of using

key advantages of using This article highlights several key advantages that putting offers on, which are giving businesses greater results and a better return on investment. Years ago many businesses might have claimed that sending out paper flyers to their customers was a highly effective form of advertising. Just a [...]


think deeply
LEVERAGING QR CODES ON PRINT MATERIALS QR codes, already very popular and in common use in China and Japan, are gaining momentum in the Europe as a powerful, flexible and engaging marketing tool. How Can QR Codes Be Used in Print? The ways that QR codes can be used on printed materials is only limited by the creativity of the marketing team u [...]

Websites increasingly require custome...

I’ve noticed that I am increasingly having to register with web sites when I use some simple online services. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes it takes so long that I give up and go away. But even when it is easy, I generally get fed up with having to register, check my email, log in and remember all of this the next time or keep recor [...]

Too Many Social Networks?

Does anyone experience this too? Too much social media accounts, too many passwords. I used to have so many social media after that. Starts from facebook, and then twitter, and manymore social media and blog site like blogspot, tumblr, whatsapp, pinterest, google+ and manymore. Let’s face it. There are too many social platforms. There’s one t [...]

a3doodle’s Chalkboard Increase ...

foot traffic
7 Ways to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Small Business May be our solution could be one of the key enabler for all of the following techniques. 1. Start from the outside and look in If you are in a pedestrianized area, get to know who passes by your store. Literally, sit outside or close by your window and assess the demographic [...]

Generating excitement in store with c...

How to keep generating new excitement? McDonald’s is leading the way. After the craziness of McDonald’s monopoly fortunes has ended, the people at McDonalds have once again brought us back to their stores for the Great Tastes of America 2014, week by week;  Featuring 5 new exciting burgers, with some link to an American City. http://www.kepak [...]

The Reluctance

Why the Reluctance to Move away from traditional marketing strategies? Today, most companies are still using traditional marketing approaches that they may have been using since the middle of the twentieth century. There are several reasons for this: Most companies are set up to sell products, not to provide relevant and valuable information [...]

a great example of digital marketing

For small business owners, if you want to have something similar to this, would be the perfect fit.  

Why chalkboards? Why

chalk menu
Why chalkboards? Why When you walk into a restaurant there are typically signs everywhere. This is simply because restaurants have an endless need for signs. Whether it’s a permanent need, like displaying your restaurant name and logo, or a temporary one, like displaying daily specials, restaurants of every type use some kind of [...]

The value of the social network audie...

social media
According to a study by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, an important sounding group, Facebook fans are basically really worthless. In an ideal world, all these brands would love to believe that consumers “like” really means something, but it seems that “likes” have little or no value. Most people would probably ignore this [...]