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Why chalkboards? Why

Why chalkboards? Why

When you walk into a restaurant there are typically signs everywhere. This is simply because restaurants have an endless need for signs. Whether it’s a permanent need, like displaying your restaurant name and logo, or a temporary one, like displaying daily specials, restaurants of every type use some kind of signage every day.

Temporary signage seems to be what restaurant owners use most. Arguably the most prominent reason would be to promote certain menu options and specials that can vary by day, week or season. If a restaurant is about to open, then restaurant owners need grand opening or coming soon signs, and once their restaurant is in business, they might want a sign that says “Now Open” or “Now Serving”. Temporary signage can also be used to advertise that your restaurant is hiring or to display special hours during certain holidays.

While in an ideal world digital signage that is easily changeable could be used for the majority of your signage needs, for most restaurant owners this simply isn’t feasible from a cost perspective. Fortunately, provides a perfect flexible solution.


Promoting Deals, Specials, Menus and Drinks

Food deals and specials are common among all restaurants. Likewise seasonal menus and drinks are a common element to most restaurants. Some restaurants may do daily meal specials or they may do a certain food item each day, like a soup of the day. There might also be certain foods or drinks only offered during a specific season or holiday or when a certain bartender is working. Or even before a certain time each day such as Early Bird specials. Whatever your restaurant offers, you need a quick and easy way to display and change those specials and unique menu and beverage offerings.


Chalkboards are usually a very popular option. Set one up on an a-frame, easel or mount it to a wall near your entrance. Using a chalkboard is a good choice because it’s a very cheap option, plus all it requires is writing down your special and then wiping it off once you’re done with it. Use colorful chalk and someone who has nice, legible handwriting to help it stand out and be read by your customers. Chalkboards are also versatile in their placement and easy to move around from day to day as needed.

The disadvantages of a chalkboard are that specials that occur every single week (think “Taco Tuesdays” or something similar) have to be erased and re-written regularly. Additionally anyone that has ever tried to put a lot of small text on a chalkboard will know that it becomes very annoying because while writing you’re often accidentally erasing other text. Likewise, if it’s not mounted on a wall, unwatched kids or even guests who simply brush up against the menu on accident can quickly erase menu items that need to be visible all of the time. The last disadvantage of a chalkboard is that mounted on a wall they can be difficult to see in restaurants where the ambiance calls for dim lighting.

So while they are flexible and very cost effective using a traditional chalkboard doesn’t come without disadvantages and should be carefully considered.

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