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Content is king

Content is King by Bill Gates

Lets talk about Content . So you are the small/local business who has gone out there and got your website designed, and nothing is happening no customers and you are left wondering why?.


The answer is guys you have to produce content fresh unique content on a regular basis if you want to gain online traffic. Just take a moment, what is a website without content? is it the kind of place that will get you to engage??


If the answer is no why would you have one.  Ok I’m not having a go at you well maybe on second thoughts I am. Maybe it’s high time that we in local/small business were given a wakeup call. So yes I guess I’m having a go.


Now don’t worry I am not going to go off on a rant here but this is very important to start understanding if you are a local/small business owner who wants to grow the business online.


So can be considered as good unique content?


You special offers, events and rewards etc.  These information are so valuable and unique to the business.

Getting back to content creation.

So there you have it guys you will not create a presence for your small/local business if you have no content that simple. So get out there and start producing it today. Irrespective of what route you choose there is one thing for sure content creation is a very powerful marketing tool. Especially in this information age we live in. So I appeal to you the small/local business owner who is struggling to be found online. Keep this in mind today!

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