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The Importance of customer loyalty and positive word of mouth

Many small businesses are built upon client referrals and recommendations because people trust their networks. Think about a consumer or a business owner who is making a purchase. Before buying a new product, purchasing from a vendor, investing in equipment, or collaborating on a project, people ask for and listen to the opinions of their colleagues, friends, family and other contacts they trust. Why? Because we all value the experiences of the people in our circles, and asking for their feedback is one of the most efficient ways to evaluate a purchasing decision.

Where to find these client referrals?  —“loyal customers”

Customer loyalty is critical to a company’s long term vitality. A loyal, happy group of customers will do a lot to help you grow your business.


They save you money, time and energy (it’s cheaper and easier to take care of them than get new ones). They are your best source of referrals. You know what to expect from them, so there is less learning you need to do over time.


They give you peace of mind because they bring in a steady revenue. They are willing to give you truthful and useful feedback. They trust you so they are more likely to buy on the “upsell”. There’s usually less of a price objection (because they know the real value of working with your amazing employees).


Loyal customers give you the opportunity to “right” a problem if you screwed up. They set the bar higher so you need to keep improving. (“What have you done for me lately?” can be a great motivator for innovation and improvement.)


Of course, there is a link between happy customers and happy employees. More employee loyalty for you means less turnover, less recruiting and training costs and more “intelligence” in residence. (You do want to be the smartest company in your industry, right?)


Loyal long term customers become part of your R&D team. (I know a company who now does all their R&D on their customers’ sites, reducing the overhead in their company and delighting the customers at the same time – it’s an honor to be chosen as an R&D site.)


The sales cycle is faster with a loyal customer. They learn your processes and even learn workarounds for the ones that don’t work well. (You do want things to be easier. Right?)


They often give you competitive info to help you get better and sometimes get an edge.


You can spend less on advertising and marketing. Customers that love doing business with you are happy to spread the love and tell their friends. They tell their friends on their blog, their facebook page and in their tweets. (They’ll keep you on your toes too!)


They provide you with testimonials. These days new customers want to know about the experience of real customers – they don’t much trust anyone’s “marketing message” anymore.


Loyal customers help you connect to others through their social networks (broadening your networking reach in the marketplace). They share positive word of mouth in the marketplace. Some even love you so much they become your evangelists and start selling for you. A loyal customer base is like having an extra million dollars in marketing – or more.  There’s a bottom line impact of profitable long term loyal customers.


A loyal customer would scan the QR code or NFC tag; they are more interested in new offers, new products and services; excited about it. They recognise your brand, product or service more than anybody. With solution, we provides a clean simple channel for all your loyal customers, enable them to share positive word of mouth in the marketplace. Put it in this way, social network is a channel for all kinds of communications, where our online chalkboard is more offers or events driven, design as a specific broadcasting channel.

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