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Too Many Social Networks?

Does anyone experience this too? Too much social media accounts, too many passwords.

I used to have so many social media after that. Starts from facebook, and then twitter, and manymore social media and blog site like blogspot, tumblr, whatsapp, pinterest, google+ and manymore.
Let’s face it. There are too many social platforms. There’s one to manage tweets, one to check analytics, one to internally collaborate, and so on. We have a hard time keeping track of all these platforms today. As social media continues to grow and change, it’s bound to get worse before it gets more efficient.

For brick and mortar businesses, maybe we spend too much time on social media in order to reach more customers?

It is the same situation for consumers too. You may think there is about thousands of clients on your facebook page. But think about it again, if every user has more than 3-5 social media accounts, how much time they could really spend on each one of the social media. Plus that every Page on Facebook wants everything they post shown to everyone. But people only read a limited amount of News Feed per day. There simply isn’t room for everything, and the competition for feed space is intensifying.

May be it is the time to just focus on the basics, get product and service quality up; come up with some attractive offers, so that it can really benefit your customers. Then make sure you provide high quality information on the sidewalk chalkboard or your website.  Let customers come to you and promote the business for you.

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