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QR Codes – Still a need for Marketers in Augmented Reality

In today’s digital world, we have to evaluate what we’re doing,
why we are doing it. If it’s time to adapt a process to better
suit our needs — or pack up and move on.

So the big questions are: Should you use QR codes or Augmented
Reality? Are QR codes dead?

QR codes, believe it or not are 18 YEARS OLD!!! They were originally
used for tracking vehicles in automotive plants. They can now however,
be seen on cereal boxes and almost any other kind of print material.

So what’s wrong with QR codes, as in why are they not being embraced?
It simply comes down to two main issues:

1. They are not used correctly by marketers – All too often, QR codes
are popping up in the most obscure places. Is the side of a moving
transport truck the best spot? Is your target audience being reached?

Another issue marketers fail to consider: what should the QR code be
directing the consumer to? If the content isn’t helpful, isn’t mobile
friendly, or wherever they’re scanning from doesn’t tell them what the
QR code will take them to, what motivation would a smartphone user have to scan away?

2. The are not correctly used by users – While the concept is simple
enough – see a code, scan it with your smartphone or tablet, learn
more about what’s being advertised – users simply don’t know how to
use QR codes. As much as poorly placed codes is an issue, users
aren’t always ready to scan a code when they see it.

The answer to all of this is simple: QR codes are dying in their current form.

With so many using them wrong, QR codes are running a thin line of almost
turning into spam each time you scan. Until businesses embrace how to use
QR codes to support their overall marketing goals, and users embrace how
to use them, QR codes are a dying art we might want to consider moving on from.

But do we need to move on right now?

No, we can use QR codes with a proper education program that tells the user
what to do. Instead of it taking them away to just a website or video it
can overlay digital content right on print materials using Augmented Reality.
QR codes become a stepping stone between the user and the AR experience.
The marketing/consumer world have just begone to embrace and understand the
power of Augmented Reality in Interactive Print so the QR code is a familiar
sight, let them be the gateway for now to a bigger engaging experience.

As AR grows and is adopted (currently being adopted faster than QR codes ever were)
the need for an activator diminishes as images in print become the “QR Codes” but
for now, familiarity is key to market growth.

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