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Solution for Business Owners:

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Reduce promotional costs and increase footfall in the business all from an easy to use mobile enabled content manager.

Small businesses have long understood the benefits of local customer retention, particularly as they have faced increasing pressure from big stores and online outlets.

At the same time, small business technology has been focused more and more on customer acquisition, through the transactional, one-off sale. Companies like Groupon, Living Social and the hundreds of clones have tried to convince businesses that the answers to their problems are in driving more foot traffic through eye-popping discounts. These massive discounts tied to big email databases certainly drive lots of new customers, but little to no profit and almost no long term value to the business.

IceCube Tech went against the trend of flash sales to create a more sustainable business model for their small business customer. They developed an affordable cloud based product that helped these merchants cultivate longer, more meaningful, and more profitable relationships with existing customers—turning them into loyal shoppers who produce a sustainable and more valuable customer base.

Our solution offer a simple to use, always on, innovative solution for business users to advertise time limited offers to their local customers. Offers can be added or removed with a few easy steps and be available to customers anytime, anywhere, any place.

This is front of shop chalkboard advertising for the 21st century. Using the latest cloud technology and QR codes we offer a platform that allows the business user a way to easily update offers from any internet connected device. This allows the business user to be flexible in their approach to offers.

With this platform there is no selling online, instead interested customers will be able to see what offers are available from your business anytime they want with one simple search.  Remove the need to push flyers out to customers with static offers, instead have a real time flexible solution, where you are in control.

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Solution for Consumers:

Tired of the endless emails and advertising for places you have no interest in or are nowhere near. With we offer one location for all your local businesses with excellent promotional offers.

You are in control, no push advertising, no registration; instead you can view promotional offers of businesses wherever and whenever you want. allows you to window shop online allowing you the time to pick what you want.

We build up offer sharing community through Gamification. User gain score by uploading and rating offers, and can use score for community upgrade or play game.

Our goal at is to provide you, the customer, with an easy to access online menu of business promotions while at the same time saving the planet. Reducing paper waste by reducing flyer advertising one business at a time!