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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a connection gateway. It allows you to put all your connections such
as your social networks, websites and blogs in one place and then provide that place
to people with QR Codes, NFC tags and links so they can decide how to connect with you.
people can also used solution for events, products, invites, properties,
CV’s and hundreds of other uses.

Why use

Our key goal is to become the primary offer sharing community.

Most people, organisations and businesses now have many connections. How we connect
with people changes and how people want to connect with us differs. Using our mobile
friendly chalkboard page means your hub remains constant while the way you connect can

What problem are you solving?

For locals: Help people find local offers, able to share offers anonymously
with other locals, saving time, reduce daily expense.

For business: Reduce paper flyer, Save printing and design cost, help business
to get more foot traffic, simplify online marketing for small business; extend
flyer area coverage, reduce distribution cost. Difficulty in tracking flyer
return on investment (ROI)

Is our service reliable ?
It is. We are a well funded company run by seasoned internet people. We use good quality
servers with good quality providers including Amazon’s Cloud computing services to provide
us with substantial capacity headroom. Nothing’s perfect, but we know what we are doing.
You, your QR Codes and NFC tags, and your connections are in safe hands.

How can I get NFC Tags or QR tags ?
You can either purchase your own NFC Tags and program them to point to your
chalkboard page or you can purchase pre-programmed and optionally pre-printed NFC tags
directly from us via the our company Store, same as the QR tags.

Can I customise my chalkboard page more ?
We provide a number of ways to personalise your chalkboard page including changing the
layout, background colours and image and so on. However, it’s important to remember that is a connection and marketing solution, not just a website or personal homepage.
It’s purpose is to provide a uniform, simple and effective way for people to connect with
your business, and learn about most attractive offers provided by you.

Do you have any Apps ?
Not yet. Our mobile optimised solution works perfectly across the vast majority of phones.
QR Code or NFC tag scanning Apps are often built into phones and there are so many free Apps
already on the market for scanning that adding another would offer little benefit. When we
see a real benefit, we’ll release one.

Will always be free ?
Yes, for our 1st 100 customers, It will always be free!

You guys are great. Can I buy you lunch ?
Sadly, nobody has ever asked us that. But if you want to, then we are really into sushi at the moment.