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QR Code

What Are QR Codes ?

QR (short for ‘Quick Response’) Codes are two dimensional barcodes. They can be encoded
with information which, when scanned by a suitable QR code reader, can be accessed.
All your QR codes are unique to you.













QR Code readers

The most common device for reading QR codes is the mobile phone. A number of
mobile phones now come with a QR reader already installed. For those that don’t,
it’s fairly straightforward to download and install a suitable ‘app’.


IceCube Tech QR Code image formats

We provide JPG, PNG QR Code image formats completely free for download within
your ‘ account settings’ section. Click on the QR Code icons and
simply download as required. If you want to just embed the QR code into your
web pages, you can also use the ‘cut and paste’ html embed code we provide
from the ‘links’ tab within your settings.