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The Reluctance

Why the Reluctance to Move away from traditional marketing strategies?

Today, most companies are still using traditional marketing approaches that they may have been using since the middle of the twentieth century. There are several reasons for this:

Most companies are set up to sell products, not to provide relevant and valuable information to customers and prospects.

Most companies have well-worn marketing paths that are easy to follow. Going off the beaten path into uncharted territory is intimidating.

Most companies have strong relationships with media partners that may go back decades. It’s not easy to break those relationships by pursuing a brand-new content marketing strategy.

Many companies aren’t measuring their marketing, so they aren’t even sure what is and what is not effective.

Many companies lack both the right people and the right processes to implement a new kind of marketing.

Many businesses are reluctant to abandon traditional marketing tactics for what they may believe to be unproven content marketing practices.

Most companies lack content marketing role models from which they can learn best practices.

Making marketing strategy change required the same kind of shift in mindset that will be required of all marketers from now on. It also required an investment in people, time, and processes.

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