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The value of the social network audiences

According to a study by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, an important sounding group, Facebook fans are basically really worthless. In an ideal world, all these brands would love to believe that consumers “like” really means something, but it seems that “likes” have little or no value.

Most people would probably ignore this study, except that Ehrenberg-Bass Institute is supported by some of the biggest brands in the world, including Coca-Cola and Procter and Gamble – plus has a really cool website with some creepy smug guy smiling in almost photo who seems to know what he is talking about.

The study, in a seemingly slap to Facebook, even uses Facebook’s own metrics, “People Talking About This,” which is supposed to be a running count of likes, posts, comments, tags, shares and other good feelings towards the brand. Well, according to this metric, their own study shows that based on the top 200 brands on Facebook, the actual engagement of fans is 1.3%. Meaning that most of the people who like a brand on Facebook never do anything whatsoever.

It gets worse: If you sub-track the initial like of the fan, the rate of engagement then drops to a really sad 0.45% That’s mean approximately out of 200 people who like a brand on Facebook, only 1 of them actually does anything to interact with the brand. More than likely, knowing Facebook, that person is probably some guy in China spamming a gift-card offer.

These are some scary numbers if you think about it – which means that all that money that companies spend to acquire Facebook fans is nothing more than a masturbatory effort to show how amazing them feel about themselves. Studies like this show why Facebook is now rushing to go public and cash out, “just incase” their long term strategy doesn’t work.

Social network’s “Likes” in our humble opinion are more of a courtesy than a serious business interest.

User don’t really know what to expect from the facebook business page or other social media page, therefore fans and friend following

your business page may not be you loyal customers or potential customers.

With our solution, we create a more direct and clean connection between your business and real potential customers or loyal customers.

After all, they are the ones generating leads. Our Suggestion to you is the keep your social media account, keep it update to date ( once per month),  but don’t pay facebook to reach your fans.  There is no need to put in too much time and effort, cos it is unlikely to generate the leads.

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